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Connect with a fellow band buddy who is going through the same challenges as you via phone or email. Share experiences and exchange ideas.
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Many Dietitians and Bariatric Clinics carry some or all of the Band Buddies® range of Lifestyle and Nutritional products for resale to consumers.
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Cosmetic Surgeons

After you achieve the new you, an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon can make the final adjustments to your new body to complete the transformation.
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Bariatric Surgeons

Consulting a Specialist Bariatric Surgeon experienced in Weightloss Surgery options can be one of the best decisions of your life.
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Regardless of the type of Bariatric procedure you have had, eating healthy is a key to staying fit. Tried and tested recipes that are nutritious and well tolerated are here.
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Personal Trainers

Ease your way into a healthier lifestyle by having an experienced Weightloss Personal Trainer develop a tailor made program specifically for you.
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